Rishi Tharpanam on Amavasya | Rishi Tharpana Mantras

During the ancient and medieval times, Rishies have played a prominent role in the society by teaching us the value of religion and the way of leading the life peacefully with good health and prosperity. They were the main person’s who spread the knowledge to others.

It is to be remembered that it is with their spread good knowledge we are living in peace and harmony in this world. On the day of Amavasya, it is the duty and responsibility of each and every individual to perform Rishi tharpanam in order to seek their blessings.

The simple procedure for performing rishi tharpanam is by wearing the yagnopavitha as neeveethi or garland and performs tharpanam by left side of the palm of right hand. One should chant the following rishi tharpanam mantras too.

The Rishi Tharpanam mantras are:

Rishims tharpayami
Maharishims tharpayami
Paramarishims tharpayami
Devarishims tharpayami
Brahma rishims tharpayami
Rajarishims tharpayami
Vaisya rishims tharpayami
Sutha rishis tharpayami
Srutharishims tharpayami
Jana rishims tharpayami
Thapa rishims tharpayami
Sathya rishims tharpayami
Kanda rishims tharpayami
Rishigams tharpayami
Rishi pathnis tharpayami
Rishi puthrams tharpayami
Rishi pouthrams tharpayami
Kanvam bhodhayanam tharpayami
Apasthambam suthrakaram tharpayami
SAthyashadam Hiranya kesinam tharpayami
Vajapeyinam Yagna valkyam tharpayami
Aswalayanam sounakam tharpayami
Vyasam tharpayami
Vasishtam tharpayami
Pranavam tharpayami
Vyahruthee tharpayami
Savithrim tharpayami
Gayathrim tharpayami
Chandamsi tharpayami
Sadasaspathim tharpayami
Rigvedam tharpayami

Yajur vedam tharpayami
Samavedam tharpayami
Atharvana vedam tharpayami
Atharvangeerasam tharpayami
Ithihasa puranani tharpayami
Sarva deva janaa tharpayami
Sarva bhoothani tharpayami

It is to be remembered that these mantras should be chanted wholeheartedly with much dedication and commitment in order to get their blessing for a prosperous life ahead.

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