Richard, Ramana Maharshi’s ardent disciple

Richard was lived during the 20th century AD, and he was a native of England. Similar to some Christians, he also got the habit of visiting Tiruvannamalai, and worshipping the great Lord Sri Annamalaiyar once in a year, especially during the time of New Year Holidays.

Once, Richard heard from his friends, that one holy saint is living in Tiruvannamalai and his name is Ramana. After knowing about him, he planned to visit him, and visited him, during the January month.

Ramana had warmly welcomed him, and asked him to have food in the Ashram and made him to stay for a few days in the Ashram. He done like that, and during the time of leaving from the Ashram, Ramana had closely seen his eyes, and told to him, that though he got lot of wealth, yet he is not having peace of mind, and asked him to stay for one more week in Tiruvannamalai and to do girivalam daily. He was astonished, since the great sage has read the details from his face itself, and bowed at him and agreed to do as per his wish. After doing girivalam, he found that some uneasiness was removed from his mind, and he felt no burden in his mind, and felt a sense of great mental satisfaction, and returned peacefully to his country.

During his next visit, he expressed his joy to Guru Ramana, and Sri Ramana had smiled at him and nodded his head, and asked him to do charitable work regularly along with god’s worship, in order to get permanent mental satisfaction in his life. Richard also agreed to do like that. And from then onwards, he started doing lot of charitable works, and during the final stage of his life, he permanently stayed near the Ramana Ashram, and daily got his divine vision, and through his spiritual guidance, he lived a noble life, and he peacefully died during the year 1945.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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