Lalkitab Remedies for Venus in 7th House

Lalkitab Remedies for Venus in 7th house. Shukra in 7th house Lalkitab Remedies. Shukra (Venus) in 7th house lalkitab remedies, solutions, pujas, vratas, stones.

When Venus is in 7th house the planet of the 1st house use the effect of the planet in 7th house as though it is placed in the 7th house itself. There will be lots of money through the opposite sex and if the native has any extramarital affairs it will be the cause of this destruction.

The native should also avoid any partnership with the relatives of his wife. When Jupiter becomes malefic or Venus and Jupiter conjoined, there will be loss in business and difficulties in childbirth. Moon in 1st house will make the native unlucky.

When Rahu becomes malefic the native will lead a double life and there will be loss through opposite sex.

Lal Kitab remedies for Venus in 7th House 

The native should avoid having white cows and whenever possible should serve red cows. He should also donate Jowar equal to the weight of his spouse to the temple.

It is also advisable to throw  some blue flowers in a dirty canal for 43 days. The liquid articles of Saturn like liquor may be beneficial. The native should take care of his own health and his spouse.

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