Lalkitab Remedies for Sun in 6th house

Lalkitab Remedies for Sun in 6th house. Ravi in 6th house Lalkitab Remedies. Surya (Sun) in 6th house lalkitab remedies, solutions, pujas, vratas, stones.

When Sun is positioned in the 6th house, the items of Ketu like the birth of a son, maternal uncle, grand mother and father will be adversely affected.

If the native will break the Western Wall at the back of his house for light, it will adversely affect him. If there is no planet in the 2nd house, the native will get a government job in the 22nd year of his life and if his father is also serving in the same place they cannot remain together. He will not be beneficial to his father. When Mars is placed in the 10th house, the son of the native may die. Mercury in the 12 house causes high blood pressure.

Lal Kitab remedies for Sun in 6th House 

For financial stability, health and longevity of the father, the native should generally donate food and money at religious places. It is advisable to donate food to dogs at religious places. The ancestral customs and rituals must be quickly followed for the progress and happiness of the family. The natives should not construct underground furnaces within the premises of the house.

The fire which is used for cooking should be put off by sprinkling milk over it. Whenever possible, give jaggery to a monkey during evil effect on progeny. It is also advisable to keep Gangajal in the premises of the house.

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