Remedies for Mercury in 12th house

Remedies for Mercury in 12th house, Budha in 12th House, Lalkitab remedies.

When Mercury is in 12th house, the malefic effects will start when the native starts drinking. He may be even prone to leprosy.

The wife of the native will be troubled and unlucky. He will spend all his energy and effort in useless activities.

Mercury in 12th house will make Ketu and Venus malefic resulting in troubled children and loss of wealth due to speculation.

If the native gets married in the 25th year both wife and father will become unlucky and every 3rd year will be unlucky for the native. He may be even imprisoned due to the malefic effects of Rahu.

Rahu in 2nd house will be unlucky for in-laws.

When sun or Mars is in House No. 6 it indicates the early death of mother or maternal uncle.

Jupiter in House No. 6 indicates loss of father’s wealth and his early death.

Lal Kitab remedies for Mercury in 12th House

the native should not drink and avoid rash temper and control his tongue. He should lead a truthful life to the best of his ability. He should throw in new empty container into a river to ward off the evil effects of mercury.

He should also serve dogs whenever possible. He should have a hole in the nose and where a golden, iron or platinum ring in the fingers. He should also put a Tilak on the forehead made of saffron.

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  1. Vipin Chand Tokish says:

    Pandit ji
    You have predict a very nice comments on Mercury but my date of birth is 28.02.1964 Time 7.55 a.m. born Chandigarh. I have skin related problems and not sound from financially also. Could you please give me a remedies for it.

  2. Vipin Chand Tokish says:

    Giving below my details. Please let me know any remedies.
    Name Vipin Chand Tokish
    Date of birth 28.02.1964
    Time 7.55 a.m
    Place of birth Chandigarh
    Awaiting for your reply.
    Vipin Chand Tokish