Ravi Vaar Vrat Katha, Story of Vrat on Sunday



The Ravi vaar vrat is dedicated to Lord Suryadeva. It is observed on Sundays to please Surya Bhagavan (Sun God) in order get blessed with good health and wellbeingness.

Here is the Ravivaar Vrat Katha, the story associated with this vrat…

Once there lived an old lady who would get up early in the morning and take bath and clean the house by plastering it with cow dung and take meals only after offering food to the Sun God. She lived a peaceful life doing puja.

However the old lady did not have a cow of her own and used to collect the cow dung from her neighbour’s house. The neighbour woman was very jealous of the old lady and one day she kept her cow inside , so that the old lady could not collect the cow dung. Hence She missed cleaning the house and did not cook any food. She remained on fast throughout the day and slept on an empty stomach.


Sun God – Surya Bhagavan

On seeing the plight of the old lady who had worshipped him for a long time, Sun God appeared in her dreams and asked her why she did not offer any food to him on that day. The old lady said what all had happened. Then Lord Surya gave her a beautiful cow with a calf. She took good care of the cow and the calf. The neighbour lady became even more jealous when she discovered that the cow in the old lady’s house was laying gold dung. She decided to change it with cow dung and started taking all the gold.

Lord Surya saw this happening and one day, set up a storm during the evening. The old lady put the cow inside her house to protect it. That day the neighbour lady could not exchange the cow dung and the old woman came to know about this. Unable to control her mind, she went to the King and told him about the wonder cow with the old lady. The King sent his men and they snatched the cow from the old lady.

The old lady prayed to the Gods for the safe returning of the cow. That night the king had a dream in which the Sun God told him about the incidents and asked him to return the cow to the old lady. Upon waking, the king saw cow dung everywhere in the palace and immediately ordered for returning the cow to the old lady along with some wealth. He later ordered all his people that they should observe fast on sundays to fulfill their desires. On following the instructions, the people lived a happy life with good health. It is believed that this katha should be read every Sunday while observing the fast.

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  1. Harini Sridhar says:

    Can we do Ravivar Vrat on our own or should we get the diksha from a preist before doing this? Also for how many weeks should we observe Ravivar Vrat katha

  2. sumedha says:

    ravi vaar vrat is very simple to perform. you will get blessings of sun god with this and all doshas related to this planet will be washed away completely. if you cant perform vrat for any reason, just read the ravi vaar vrat katha every week, it will also give you some relief

  3. Bhadresh says:

    ravivar vrat vidhi how to perform this vrat