Teachings of Ravana from his death bed

When the demon king Ravana was severely wounded on the war, which was caused by Lord Rama, and when he was in his death bed, Rama asked his brother Lakshman to go closer to him in order to learn some good teachings from Ravana, since Lord Rama considers Ravana as a learned scholar and a great Shiva Devotee.

As per the sayings of Lord Rama, Lakshmana went straight to Ravana and sit closer to him in the battle field, in order to get some good advises from him.

Ravana also welcomed Lakshmana, and told some fine teachings during his final stage of life.


1. Always delay bad actions as much as possible, and at the same time, you must have to do good actions immediately, without having any second thought in mind.

2. Treat even your servants in a gentle manner or otherwise, even,they may cause harm to you at anytime.

3. Do not think that you only know about everything try to get advices from the learned scholars and ministers, before taking any new actions.

4. Always trust your beloved wife, and don’t ignore her advices.

5. Never underestimate your enemies, since they might possess more powers than you.

6. Don’t be in the company of foolish people.

7. Generate sufficient power within you before marching towards the battle field.

8. Develop bravery and will-power, in order to challenge even before the god.

9. Having too much of sensual pleasures would result in destruction.

10. Respect all the people in your kingdom, without considering them as rich or poor, bad or good, and get a good name and fame amongst the people living in your kingdom.

11. Act as a one man army, and don’t feel weak even in times of failures.

12. No one can win the fate, and even I am unable to win my fate.

13. Before taking any decision, think twice and thrice and then proceed further.

14. You may be a king or a pauper, but one day, you must have to surely face the death, and you cannot escape from that.


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