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Ramdev Pir no-watermark

Ramdev Pir no-watermark

Ramdev Pir Navratri is celebrated in Bhadrapada Month as per Hindi calendars. In 2023, Ramdev Pir Navratri begins on September 16 and ends on September 24.

Ramdev Pir (Baba Ramdev / Ramdevji / Ramdeo Pir / Ramsha Pir) (1352–1385 AD; V.S. 1409–1442) is a Hindu folk deity of Rajasthan, India. He was a fourteenth-century ruler, said to have miraculous powers, who devoted his life to the upliftment of the downtrodden and poor people of society. Ramdev Pir is worshiped today by many social groups of India as Ishta-deva.

Ramdev is considered to be an incarnation of Vishnu. King Ajmal (Ajaishinh) married Queen Minaldevi, daughter of Pamji Bhati of Chhahan Baru village. The childless king went to Dwaraka and pleaded with Krishna about his wish to have child like him. They had two sons, Viramdev and the younger Ramdev. Ramdev was born on Bhadarva Shukla Dooj in V.S. 1409 at Ramderiya, Undu and Kashmir in Barmer district. Ramdevji was a Tanwar.

Ramdev took Samadhi on Bhadrapada Shukla Ekadashi in V.S. 1442 at the age of 33 years. Dalibai, his ardent follower from the Meghwal community, is also buried near his grave, and is said to have taken Samadhi two days before Ramdev.

The temple complex housing the resting place of Ramdev is located at Ramdevra (10 km from Pokhran) in Rajasthan. The present temple structure was built around Ramdev’s final resting place by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner in 1931.

Ramdev Pir Jayanti, the birth date of Ramdev, is celebrated every year in India by his devotees. It falls on Dooj (the second day) of Shukla paksha of Bhadrapad month of Hindu calendar. In Rajasthan, this day is observed as a public holiday and a fair is held at the Ramdevra temple, where hundreds of thousands of devotees, both Hindu and Muslim, take part and pay their homage to Samadhi at the main temple.

In Previous Years

In 2022, Ramdev Pir Navratri begins on August 28 and ends on September 5.

In 2021, Ramdev Pir Navratri begins on September 7 and ends on September 15.

In 2020, Ramdev Pir Navratri begins on August 19 and ends on August 27.

In 2019, Ramdev Pir Navratri begins on August 31 and ends on September 7.

In 2018, Ramdev Pir Navratri begins on September 10 and ends on September 18.

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