Ramanand Dass | Guru of Dera Sach Khand | Follower of Sant Ravidas

Ramanand Dass was a leader of the Dera SachKhand, and he is a strict follower of Sant Ravidas, who is considered as an incarnation of Lord Surya Bhagavan. He wasborn in the year 1952, at Alawalpur, a town in Punjab, and he died in the year 2009, at Austria.

Due to the attack made by his enemies,he has died on May 2009 on Guru Ravidas Temple in Austria. Dera SachKhand is a “RAVIDAS BHAKTI MOVEMENT”and it is situated in a village in Punjab, and it was founded by the devotees of Guru Ravidas.

Dera SachKhand is started to propagate the teachings of the great Saint, Sri Ravidas, in order to move the people towards the spiritual path. The leaders of the movement have initiated millions of people and made them to recite the“NAAM JAP”, chanting the mantra of their Guru Ravidas, “OM SRI GURU RAVIDAS NAMA” for several millions of times. They have also spread the works of Guru Ravidas throughout the world.

The Dera movement has built a temple for Ravidas at Varanasi U.P, which is considered to be the birthplace of Guru Ravidas, and they used to provide free food to the visiting pilgrims at the temple during the birth anniversary celebration of Guru Ravidas.

The movement also built charitable hospitals and educated the poor people by running schools.They also encouraged the scholars to undertake research work on the life history and the important works done by Guru Ravidas, and they have awarded gold medals to the scholars. The followers of the movement are mostly Sikhs.


1. If you control your mind, you can win anything in your life.

2. Develop universal brotherhood among the people.

3. According to god, all are one and the same, and there must be no caste discrimination among the people.

4. Realize the god through the teachings of the saints, and have utmost faith on the god.

5. Taste the sweetness present with the god, by understanding him clearly.

6. God is there everywhere and anywhere, and he is present in your soul also.

7. Respect others, behave with everyone in a kind manner, and avoid unnecessary talks with others.

8. Develop good habits and practice strict patience in your life.

9. Believe that you are the wonderful creation of the god, and you are the most celebrated one in the world.


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