Golden Quotes of Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi was a 20th century saint, and he is still very popular among his devotees. His birth name was Venkataraman, and he was born in Tiruchuli at Tamil Nadu, and at his young age itself, he was keen in understanding about the truth behind the Inner-Self, and hence he traveled to the Holy Tiruvannamalai, and stayed inside the Pathalalingeswarar Shrine for some time, and there he had got self-realisation, and become a popular Hindu Saint.

He had constructed an Ashram in Thiruvannamalai, and after a few years, his mother, Azagammal, also joined with his son, and she also helped in the Ashram activities. Ramana took care of his mother properly, and at the time of the death of his mother, he stood before her, and touched her whole body with his hands, and made her to realise the wonderful spiritual experience. It is believed that due to the grace of Guru Ramana, his mother had attained salvation after her death. During his lifetime, Guru Ramana had given us wonderful golden spiritual quotes, and some of them are as follows:-

Self-Realization alone would provide you a wonderful spiritual experience.

Happiness can be arisen only from a person’s inner feeling.

Your duty is to worship the god, and whatever god decides to give for you, would be definitely given to you.

Whatever is written on your fate, you have to face it, and changes cannot be made in that, but however, through your constant prayers, things may happen favourable to you.

Reforming the entire world cannot be made in one night, and it can be made only through the continuous efforts of the reformers.

It is very difficult to stop the flow of our unwanted thoughts, but it can be achieved easily, when you divert your attention on spiritualism.

Creation and destruction, lies in the hands of the god, he would make wonders in your life, based on your utmost bhakti on him.

Don’t keep worrying about your Past,think only about your present life, and act accordingly.

Even during the time of your sleep, let you dream about the almighty, since it is a must for us, to spend our most of the time on engaging ourselves on the thoughts of the god.

Whatever comes in your life, try to face it boldly, since fearing about anything would result in severe mental depression.

Don’t think that you are weak in nature.Build yourself a strong body and a sound mind.

Whenever you try to learn something, keep interest on that, concentrate, and understand the thing present in that, and never learn things with difficulty.

God will show the spiritual light to you at the appropriate time, and he will guide you in your spiritual path.

Only by putting great efforts, you can win in your life journey.

Time must be utilised properly.

Guru only will guide you, protect you, and would show you the proper path in your life.

Do lot of charitable and spiritual activities.


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