Lets Raise a Grand Murugan Temple

lord muruga

lord muruga

Why can’t we raise a grand temple for Lord Muruga, similar to the one dedicated to Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala-Tirupati! Though Muruga presently has six earthly popular abodes at Tamil Nadu, yet, it is not enough for him. We (Devotees) only must have to take proper steps to build a rich and heavenly temple for our precious child god Muruga at Tamil Nadu.

When fertile lands have been transformed into real estates, why can’t we legally utilise some unfertile land, to build a grand temple for Lord Muruga? Whenever we see the images of Lord Muruga, who seems to appear very charmingly with an innocent face, the very next moment, we would get utmost affection, attraction and addiction on him. Don’t we have the consciousness to save our Sanatana Dharma, by building a temple for our most marvellous Tamil god Arumuga?

Don’t we have the responsibility for providing a large shelter (Temple) to our most prestigious god Muruga, who gives shelter for everybody? If we have that in our mind, then immediately we must have to take urgent steps to choose a big area somewhere in Tamil Nadu to raise a wonderful Murugan Temple. If the other religious people are keen in building more and more worship places for promoting their own religion, then why can’t we do the same for sanctifying our Subramanya Kadavul(God)?

Sometimes, even I used to think, that why we have to build temples for the deities, when the humans suffer like anything in this difficult world! But if we deeply think about this issue, then we would get a better understanding! Though everything supposedly happens as per the will of the god, but in fact, even he has to act as per the Yuga Dharma. God cannot create all the living beings as alike, since he is having the prime responsibility to make some changes on to them, that is creating both good and bad, in order to properly balance the earth. But, even when a worst sinner, who commits lot of sins in his present as well as in his previous birth, if he really cries and seek apology to the god for his mistakes, and if he sincerely offers prayers by chanting the names of the god, then surely, he would get some good relief! God is always good only! But understanding him is very difficult, and that’s why, sometimes we are criticising him for our own personal problems, since we are all ordinary humans, and of course, we have been keep delighted in enjoying the worldly comforts and luxuries again and again in our life, even without properly worshipping him.

Some of us easily commit sins, without thinking about the outcomes of it! Hence before doing a particular thing, we have to think twice, thrice, by considering whether it is good or bad.

With regard to keeping bhakti on the god, we have to act like the tiny ants by considering god as the sweet sugar. Ants consumes sugar, since it likes it very much! Likewise, once if we taste the sweetness of worshipping the god by the way of singing, dancing and performing puja to him, then the question of worry would never arise, and our worries would get easily buried by the god.

As per the golden quote, “why fear when our Lord Muruga’s spear guards us”, let us hopefully offer our daily, daily prayers to Lord Muruga, and let us take an oath to build a magnificent, marvellous and excellent temple for Lord Muruga shortly. I am not writing this article just for name sake, since I really have the concern in forming a magnificent palace like temple for Lord Muruga.


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