Rahu in 1st House | Rahu in Lagna

Rahu in 1st house (Rahu in Lagna) – What are the positive effects & negative effects of Rahu in 1st House?

When Rahu is in 1st house it will cause eclipse to the Sun wherever it is positioned. It will disturb the peace of mind and cause losses to the native. It will cause darkness everywhere in the life of the native and nobody comes forward to offer him any help.

Mercury acts like a trunk of Rahu except when Sun, Mercury is in House No. 3. Ketu becomes the body of Rahu and together gives malefic effects to the native. Neither the wealth of the person nor his son’s or grandsons will help him. However when Mercury and Venus are benefic it will save the eclipse.

Positive effects of Rahu in 1st house

The native would be  prosperous but would spend money on good things. Sun, Moon will not be poisoned by Rahu during the solar, lunar eclipse. There will be only partial darkness and the native is unlucky on one count, Sun will compensate on the other. After the eclipse is over, Sun will start giving its benefic effects.

House No. 1 to 6 will remain under the influence of mercury and the condition of House No. 7 to 12 will be under similar influence of Ketu.

When Venus is in House No. 7 the native will be rich but the health of the wife will be poor. When Mars is in House No. 12, Rahu will be silent and neither malefic nor benefic.

Negative effects of Rahu in 1st house

When Rahu is in 1st house mercury will have its evil effects on House No. 1 to 6 and Ketu will have its evil effects all House No.’s 7 to 12. He will be born in a house where opposite neighbours are in poor shape or issueless. The items relating to Rahu will give malefic effects till the age of 42.

There will be hardship and losses to father at the age of Rahu at 11, 21, 42.

The house in which Sun is position will be eclipsed. The native will face unnecessary problems in his life and nobody will come forward to help him.

The malefic effect of Rahu may be generally for 2 years in life or 2 months per year according to annual chart or in lifetime up to age of 42 for a period of 18 years during the major period of Rahu.

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