Guru Raghavendra’s beautiful Song on Krishna

Raghavendra Swamy Lord Krishna

Raghavendra Swamy Lord Krishna

Guru Raghavendra is a great Madhwa Saint, and from his Jeeva Samadhi at Mantralayam, he blesses his devotees, and removes the problems in their lives. During his life time, he has written lot of divine texts in praise of the deities, and his famous “INDU ENAGE GOVINDA SONG”, is still liked by his devotees, due to its rich content, and this marvellous song is written by Sri Raghavendra Swamy itself, and he has sung this song on our behalf, and after singing this song, he chanted the Narayana Mantra, “OM NAMO NARAYANA”, and attained Jeeva Samadhi at Mantralayam.

Since this song is written by Guru Raghavendra itself, those who hear or read the contents present in the song, would get the entire grace of our holy Guru Sri Raghavendra. This song can also be heard in YouTube Channel.

The contents present in this beautiful divine song are as follows:-

Oh! My Dear Govinda! Please show me your Lotus feet,Oh! My LordMukundha!

Oh! Govinda! You contains an attractive face, you are the son of Nanda Gopa,
and the beloved husband of Ma Lakshmi, and you have joyfully spent your time in the

Gokulam, and the people in Gokulam have also enjoyed a lot,due to your playful acts.

Oh! My Lord, I have suffered a lot in my life, due to the worldly bondages, and now I am searching for a proper path, Oh! Lord Krishna, the master of Devas, and the father of Lord Brahma, please show me the spiritual path, and please forgive the mistakes committed by me!

I am an ordinary person, and I am afraid ofeverything,and I have alsodidn’t worship you properly,and I have forgotten to praise about your significance, but now, I have realised my mistakes, and I am sincerely worshipping you, please accept my prayers, and bless me!

I consider myself as a burden to this earth,I have moved from the spiritual path, and I have done lot of wrongful acts.Oh! Lord Krishna! Gopala!Mukunda! Achuta! Kesava! Ananta! Madhava! Madhusudana!

No one is there to save me, and I have completely surrendered on your holy feet! Please show me the correct path!


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