Raghavendra Pattabhishekam | Coronation Ceremony of Raghavendra Swamy

Raghavendra Swamy Lord Krishna

Raghavendra Swamy Lord Krishna

Usually in the Mutts of Guru Raghavendra, the Pattabhisheka event and the birthday celebrations of Sri Raghavendra swamy would be celebrated in a grand manner, and this year, the celebrations of both of the events were performed between 4 March 2022 and 9 March 2022.

During that grand events, free food also called as Theertha Prasada, is also offered in most of the temples of Gururaja, and the food served during those times would be very delicious, similar to the one prepared out of the hands of our own mother!

Guru Raghavendra has attained the Sanyasa Ashrama in the year 1621 AD, and during that time, lot of followers were happily witnessed the holy event.On that day, his name has been changed to Guru Raghavendra Teertharu, and the birth name of Rayaru was Sri venkatanatha. The Sanyasa event was performed wonderfully by his Guru Sri Sudheendra Teertha.

The Sanyasa Ashrama taken by Guru Raghavendra and taken by others are different. Our great Guru had taken the extreme step of becoming a Madhwa Saint, after he got spiritual advices from various deities. Due to that, he has to leave his wife and his small child, in a grief stricken manner. Guru Raghavendra has taken the holy position of sainthood for the sake of universal goodness.

Devotees like me, must have to appreciate his good decision, since without his help, helpless creatures like me couldn’t survive in this world. The Coronation ceremony was done during his previous births also, such as, in his Prahlada and Vyasaraja avatars, and those events were also witnessed by many noble personalities. Human beings are subjected to difficulties during each and every moment of life, and we didn’t know when we would face problems in our life! That’s why god has sent great spiritual personalities in this earth like Guru Raghavendra, in order to properly monitor us, and even the great guru sometimes spoon feed his devotees, whenever he finds them to be of dull nature.

Guru Raghavendra Swamy is also an expert in removing black magic, chasing out evil spirits and curing of our various diseases. Apart from doing meditation, he continuously keeps on thinking about our well-being and showers his utmost grace on us in a fantastic manner.


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