Sri Raghavendra Brindavanams

Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Day by day, the Brindavanams of Guru Raghavendra are increasing, and within a few hundred years, as per the sayings of the Guru, totally about 700 Brindavanams would be established throughout India, and I also strongly believe that his Brindavanams would be formed in future even in the areas of Walajabad, Uthiramerur and Mailam, and also in some other parts of Tamil Nadu.

In one of the Videos of ‘DmagSaravanan’, we could see that how the devotees of Guru Raghavendra are expressing the miracles performed by Guru Raghavendrain their lives in a joyful manner. One of the devotees says, “For me everything is Guru Raghavendra, I consider him as my father and mother, and in my every breathe I feel that Guru Raghavendra is there, and makes me to perform actively”.Guru Raghavendra is a perfect Guru, who continuously performs meditation on Lord Vishnu and his avatars, even without stopping for a single second. Since, the Guru served Lord Brahma during the first Satya Yuga as SanguKarna Deva he is having the capability to slightly change our fate also.

Most of the Brindavanams of Guru Raghavendra are Mritika Brindavanams, the sacred sand from Mantralayam would be brought to build these types of Brindavanams and it would be placed in the earth and above the sacred sand, the Mritika Brindavanams would be constructed. Guru Raghavendra is also called as “MRITIKA SWAROOPANE”, the great guru blesses us in the form of sacred sand, “MRITIKA PRIYANE”, the Guru who likes the sacred sand. “MRITIKA VASAYA”, the great guru who dwells in the holy sand.

At present more than 300 Raghavendra Brindavanams are there, and within a few years, more number of Brindavanams would be formed. Guru Raghavendra is popularly worshipped in Kannada and Telugu speaking places such as in Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka. After the telecasting of the film of Guru Raghavendra in Tamil Nadu in the year 1985, many Tamil speaking people also came to knew about the significance of Guru Raghavendra, and they began to worship him as their best spiritual guru. It is also believed that Guru Raghavendra instructs some of his staunch devotees in their dream, and asks them to construct a Brindavanam for him.

Staunch devotees of Guru Raghavendra consider him as the “WALKING GOD”, and as the “EVER LIVING GOD”. In one of the famous Guru Raghavendra song in Kannada, it was mentioned as “THINANDORUM GURUGALE VAROOM”, please come to our residence on every day and bless us. “ENDRENDRUM GURU RAGHAVENDRA ENGALUDAM”, Guru Raghavendra lives with us permanently. “GURUVE SARANAM”, we offer our humble salutations to our holy Guru Raghavendra. “GURUVE EN JEEVA NAADI”, my life goes smoothly only through the grace of our Guru.

Hence, let us help towards constructing more and more Guru Raghavendra Mritika Brindavanams all over India, by lending our full support for the noble cause.


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