Qualities of a good Journalist, Quotes by Sri Sri Ravishankar

What are the Qualities of a good Journalist? Why a journalist should be?

The first thing is to present the truth before the people. Sometimes the truth can be so bitter and terrifying that it can shatter the people’s hearts, and put an end to their enthusiasm. They may get totally gripped by fear and insecurity. So along with presenting the truth to the people, also ensure that you help keep up their faith and enthusiasm, and that you can keep their hopes alive for something better.

So on one hand you have to present the truth as it is without distorting it, and on the other hand you also have to ensure that there is always a ray of hope that is kindled in the people at all times. Otherwise, people will fall prey to mental diseases and depression. You know, there was no such thing such as depression in India.

This is why there is no corresponding word for it in Hindi or in Sanskrit. Neither is there any disease by that name in the Indian system. This goes to show how highly evolved and rich our culture and heritage has been.

Note: It is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar’s discourse at Art of Living’s satsang.

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