‘Purusha Mirugam’ | Guardian of Lord Shiva

Purusha mirugam vaganam

Purusha mirugam vaganam

The Purusha Beast is a great Shiva devotee which contains human face and lion body as mentioned in the Hindu epics. Several centuries ago, he was working with Kubera, and protected the Kubera Forest from destruction. After some time, due to the grace of Lord Shiva, he has become a deity and began to live in the Thirumarainathar Temple, Thiruvathavur at Madurai. Purusha Mirugam is considered as the guardian deity in this temple, and he is mainly worshipped for showering of rain, and also relieves us from diseases and mind related problems.

There is a temple tank nearby the temple and it is known as Purusha Mirugam Tank. Lord Shiva arrives in Purusha vehicle during the auspicious festival days. Apart from this temple Lord Shiva arrives in Purusha vehicle in many other Shiva temples also.

Purusha Mirugam is a kind of a demon and a great Shiva devotee, who had done severe penance on Lord Shiva before few hundred years, and due to his sincere devotion, Lord Shiva had appeared before him, and asked for the boon, and the demon has asked him to make him as his divine attendant at the Mount Kailash. Lord Shiva had promised him, that he would be his divine attendant only in the next yuga, and till such time, he asked him to dwell as a minor deity in the Thirumarainathar temple, Thiruvathavur, and to fulfill the wishes of his devotees.

Let us worship the great Purushamirugam and be blessed.

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