Purandaradasa Keerthanas

Purandara Dasa is the 16th century Carnatic music genius, a great saint and a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. He is believed to be an incarnation of Rishi Narada. Though he lived as a rich merchant, but after realising the “HARI BHAKTI”, he left all of his belongings, left his home along with his family, and surrendered at the holy feet of the great Madhwa Saint, Sri Vyasaraja.

Through the blessings of his guru, and with the patronage of the Vijayanagara Ruler, Sri Krishna Devaraya, he had composed lot of songs on Lord Vishnu, and sung it with great devotion. He has composed thousands of songs, and still now we can hear those songs from the YouTube Channel.

Some of the beautiful divine songs on Lord Vishnu are as follows:-

O My tongue, you should praise only about Lord Hari, you should sing his wonderful songs, and you are not supposed to talk badly about others.

O My tongue, you should keep chanting the holy names of Lord Hari, who is the lovely consort of Ma Lakshmi.

O My tongue,keep telling about the wonderful childhood plays of Lord Krishna to others, and glorify him.

O My tongue, keep chanting the Rama Mantra, in order to get his grace.

O, please remember our body is created by Lord Brahma, who is the son of our dear Lord Hari. Hence please wear the holy Tulsi garland on your neck, and apply the sacred Thiruman on your forehead.

O, Dear devotees, did you ever seen him playing on your homes, who is our beloved child Lord Krishna. Call him, hug him and kiss him with utmost devotion on him.

O, please remember, the great Lord Krishna had removed the tears of the Pandavas, and also saved Ma Draupadi when she was insulted by the Kauravas.

O, please keep it in your mind, it is our dear Lord Vishnu, who had granted salvation to even an elephant “GAJENDRA”, and from that incident, we can realise, how great he is, and how much kindness he had showered even to the animals.

O, please look at the divine face of Lord Krishna, and realise how handsome he is. You can consider him as your own child, through your complete surrender on him.

O, always keep it in your memory, it is the great Lord Vishnu, who had made his devotee Dhruva into a shining star in the sky, and he also saved his staunch devotee Prahalada from his father, and made him as a king for the big kingdom. Always think about Lord Hari, and about his attractive features.

O, the temple bells are ringing, and the gates of the temple are opened. Arrive soon to have the wonderful vision of Lord Vishnu.

O, Lord Krishna, you are the wire puller of the entire universe, and whatever act performed by me, is due to your blessings only, and only through your instructions I am doing my daily activities in my life. You are only responsible for my actions, and in no way, I am connected with that.

O, Lord Krishna, you are making me into a mad person through your lovely smile, and whoever I saw, I am seeing only your face on them.


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