Prsnigarbha, Lord Vishnu who created the planet Dhruvaloka

Among the many Avatars of Lord Vishnu, Prsnigarbha is one of the significant Avatar who largely appeared just before Lord Dhruva. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, he successfully created the planet called as Dhruvaloka for the perfect habitation of Dhruva.

As per the local legends, many ancient text mentions that Lord Vishnu was worshipped by Prajapati Sutapa and his wife Prsni with much dedication and devotion that Lord Himself appeared before them as Mahavishnu for immediately granting boon.

They became over enthusiasm after having the glimpses of the Lord. They with great devotion and dedication asked thrice “We need a son equivalent to you”. On the other hand, Mahavishnu told to them, “He Himself will be born as their son in three different janmas (birth).”

The Lord also instructed the significance of brahmacharya to this particular world. It is to be remembered that in the initial janam during the Satya Yuga, as son of Sutapa and Prsni, Mahavishnu was successfully born as Prsnigarba.

During Treta Yuga, in the second life, as son of Aditi and Kasyapa, Mahavishnu was successfully born as Vamana,. On the other hand, towards the end of Dwapara Yuga, in the third life, as son of Vasudeva and Devaki, Mahavishnu was successfully born as Krishna.

This particular Lord has much important among the Hindu devotees as the deity is related to Lord Vishnu. Devotees and pilgrim worship this particular lord with great dedication and devition on all the auspicious days as the Hindu religious calendar.

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