Problems from Diseases, Evil Spirits & Black Magic

Our human life consists of full of problems and worries. At any time anything can happen to us. We have to do our daily duties, take care of our health, take care of our family, and apart from that we have to worship the almighty. Even though, if we maintain lot of precautionary measures, without our control, during some times, problems may come on its own way.

Without our knowledge, we would be having enemies, and they may try to punish us, even when we are innocent. Some people would behave with as like our close friends, they make us to visit their house, and due to jealousy they may offer food items which would be applied with black magic.

After some time, we would be feeling some sort of uneasiness in our mind and body, and we will get an unusual body pain, which we would have not faced ever before. Due to that, we would be unable to carry out our daily activities, and till we rectify the problem, our life would be very miserable.

It is believed, that when people who go out during noon or during the midnight near the burial grounds or unused open grounds, they may be attacked by evil spirits. Though most of the people didn’t believe about the existence of ghosts, some of my relatives had experienced the existence of ghosts in some parts of North India before a few years ago. They used to keep gods, goddesses and saints pictures like Raghavendra Swamy and Shirdi Saibaba even in the bathrooms, toilets, puja rooms and all over their house. Whenever they go out, they used to take lot of deities pictures in their bags for safe journey.

Diseases are the worst enemies which would kill our life. When a person suffers from various diseases at his young age, his entire life is almost lost. Till he completely recovers from his health issues, he would have to struggle a lot. For some diseases, there is no treatment, and even if we get treatment in specialized hospitals, 100% recovery is not possible. During such time, our only option is to keep on worshipping the god, god, and god only, and to hold tightly the lotus feet of the deities, till we recover completely from our diseases.

Even for some incurable diseases, the doctors used to tell, “I have done my duty. Yet, there is no possibility for you to recover from the illness. Anyhow let you pray to the almighty, and there are adequate chances to recover from your diseases, due to the divine intervention in your life”.

Hence for finding solution to any type of problems, whether it may be a black magic problem, problems due to incurable diseases, and problems due to evil spirits etc., let us worship the almighty in a wholeheartedly manner and be blessed.


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