Prayaga Madhaveswari Temple | Shaktipeetha Temple in Prayag

Prayag Madhaveshwari Temple Alopi Devi Mandir

Prayag Madhaveshwari Temple Alopi Devi Mandir

Prayaga Madhaveswari Temple is one of the 18 Shaktipeetha Temples (Astadasha Shaktipeethas). It is 14th Temple in the list. The Goddess here is also popular as Alopi Mata (Maa Lalita).

According to the legend of Sati, Hastanguli (Hand fingers) of the Goddess were fallen on this place. Bhairava of this Shakti Peetha is ‘Bhava’ and Shakti is ‘Lalitha’.

Alopi means disappeared. The Goddess gets the name Alopi because of the belief that the last part of Goddess Sati’s body fell here and disappeared. Hence this is the last spot from where Goddess Sati disappeared from earth and it is considered highly auspicious.

At the Alopi Temple, Goddess Alopi Devi is depicted as a Dholi placed atop a marble stone.
Alopi Devi Temple is located at Alopi Bagh west of Daraganj in Allahabad.

Sthala Purana or the legends associated with Prayaga state that Prayaga is the place where Brahma had performed a very exceptional Yaga (Prakrishta Yaga). From this the name ‘Prayaga’ arrived. Prayaga also made into the list of Sapta Mokshapuras and also popular as the King of all Tirthas (‘Teertharaj’).

Triveni Sangam of three holy rivers – River Ganga, River Yamuna and River Saraswati makes Prayaga the top class holiest city on the earth. This is also a reason why Kumbhmela is held here for every 12 years.

Prayaga Madhaveswari Shaktipeetha Stotram

Madhaveshvari Mangalye Prayagasthalavasini |

Triveni Sangame Theere Bhuktimukti Pradayini ||

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