Pratyangira Devi | Goddess Prathyangira Mata

Goddess Pratyangira Devi

Goddess Pratyangira Devi

Pratyangira Devi is one of the most powerful Goddess who is also known as Narasimhika. She is in the form of half human and half lion. It is said that when Pratyangira Devi shakes her Lion’s mane, she throws the stars into disarray. The beeja akshara of this Goddess is the word “Ksham”.

In the Atharva Veda, the Angirasa kalpa has a manual on witchcraft and the Prati Angirasa has a manual to counter the witch craft. The name of Pratyangira Devi is said to have arrived from this aspect as she is the Goddess to counter the black magic. She is also associated with the Sri Chakra where in she protects the devotees from all evil influences generated by witch craft.

Pratyangira Devi is often depicted as the one with a dark complexion, ferocious and having alion’s face and riding on a lion. She is also seen wearing a garland of human skulls and holds a trident, a serpant, a drum and a skull in her hands. She is also known as Narasimhi.

According to legend, two sages Pratyangira and Angiras discovered the Goddess through deep meditation of her moola mantra. And hence she came to be known as Goddess Pratyangira Devi.

It is believed that worshipping Pratyangira Devi will relieve the person from enemies, diseases, curses, obstacles and black magic.

Goddess Pratyangira is also referred to as ‘Atharvana Bhadrakali’, identified in the Atharvaveda with Kali.

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  1. Shankar Vangari says:

    Pray Pratyangira Devi to face black magic bad effects. My family member had a problem with black magic (kala jadu) and we did pratyngira devi homa, with in a week he get lot of relief.

    jai pratyangira devi.

  2. Naveen Sanagala says:

    Here is the link for Pratyangira Devi Mantram, and stotram….

  3. Kanishka Agnihotri says:

    Is there any difference between Sri Prathyangira Mata and Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi

  4. Nischal Nair says:

    Maa Prathyangira is one aspect of devi, which is worshipped in kerala as Dharma devata in the “Kavu/ temple” and “Shakteya Bhagavati in “Nair” families. The worship of this deity is in the form of pure “Kaula Tantra”.

    The form and mantra are very terrifying with vibrating energy symbols/beeja mantras and it as long tradition starts from Ananda bhairava, Hayagreeva, Dakshina moorthy, Dattatreya, Matsyendranath, Gorakshanath, etc.

    In this temple, this horrific form of Pratyangira is condensed to the yogic form in a meru shreechakra with saptha matrikas (Brahmani, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani, and Chamunda).

    Daily worship is performed with pure “Kaula” tradition.

  5. narendra says:

    pratyangira devi is one of the female aspects of Goddess Shakti who is known to protect her devotees from the effects of black magic. If black magic can be perceived as a virus which is inflected onto a person to do harm to him then pratyangira devi is the goddess who is the antivirus to kill those effects. The detailed method of worship of pratyangira devi mantra is mentioned in the veda and you can perform the pratyangira homam at the prathyangira devi temple or at your home to get rid of the evil effects.

  6. Bindhu says:

    I want to perform the pratyangira pooja Daly at my home. I have been reciting the pratyangira devi maha mantra everyday and I would like to know if there are any pratyangira devi songs which I can play after the puja. I have been searching them for a while and not getting them. If anybody has pratyangira devi songs please upload them here thank you

  7. Nandana says:

    method to recite sri pratyangira moola mantra and stotram

  8. Bhanuni says:

    how to pray with pratyangira devi in kannada

  9. Deeptimoy says:

    can pratyangira mata be worshiped along with sharaba

  10. murali says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want Pratyangira Devi Photo, Pooja Vidhi & Vidhanam, slokam, astotharam & manthram, so please send my e-mail address.

  11. Shyamaprasad Das says:

    In the history of human civilization, my life and that of all the countrymen is blessed with the arrival of many gods and goddesses of our ancient India.
    The Most Merciful Mother Pratyangira Obeisance to the feet full of devotion .