Prahlada Namavali | 108 Names of Bhakta Prahlada

Narasimha Swamy in Puranas, Vedas

Narasimha Swamy in Puranas, Vedas

Prahlada was a child devotee of Lord Vishnu, and his bhakti on god is unimaginable and unthinkable by us. He showed his selfless devotion on the god, and in return, he has been safeguarded in several circumstances by the divine power, and got all kinds of riches in this world. He lived a holistic life, and never afraid of any bad things happened behind him. His thoughts were entirely about Lord Vishnu only and never thought about unwanted things in his life. He lived for several millions of years, due to the grace of Lord Vishnu.

Once he has lost his kingdom to his own cousin, but even then he didn’t get upset, but instead of that, he started meditating on Lord Vishnu, and in course of time, he defeated his cousin and regained his position, and become the king for the big kingdom. Though he belonged to Daitya sect, he lived a noble life similar to the Divine Devas in the heaven, and he contains an attractive appearance with a shining face, and glitters like a sun.

Namavali refers to chanting the names of the deities, and usually the 108 marvellous names of the deities would be recited by the devotees, and sometimes, if they recite the 1008 names of the deities, then it means, Sahasranamavali.

The following are the 108 names of our great Vishnu Bhagavata, Sri Bhakta Prahalada, and those who recite the Namavali of Sri Prahalada, would also get the grace of Lord Vishnu, and Sri Prahalada Namavali is more powerful than that of the Sahasranamavali(1008 names) of Lord Vishnu, since Bhagavathas contains more powers than that of the Bhagavan:


1.Om Shree Vishnu bhaktaya namah
2.Om shree Vishnuroopaya namah
3.Om shree Vishnuve namah Shreeiswaryane namah shree Bhakta Prahaladaya namah shreemate namah shree daitya rajaya namah shreenidhaye namah sarvagnane namah shreelakshmi putraya namah shree sarva loka rajave namah shree vidhya pandithane namah Narasimha Priyaya namah Harinesaya namah Harinama Smaranaya namah Sri Parama Bhagavathane namah Sri Parama Punyane namah Sri Ashtasidyaya namah Sri Anda Sarasaraya namah vedamoortaye namah samateetasuraagrajaaya namah shatkonamadhyagaaya namah veeraaya namah sarvagaaya namah ashtabhujaaya namah prabhave namah chandavegaaya namah bheemaravaaya namah shipivishtaarchitaaya namah haraye namah shaashvataaya namah sakalaaya namah shyaamaaya namah shyaamalaaya namah shakataarthanaaya namah daityaaraye namah shaaradaya namah skandaaya namah sakataakshaaya namah shireeshagaaya namah sharapaaraye namah bhaktavashyaaya namah shashaankaaya namah vaamanaaya namah avyayaaya namah varoothine namah vaarijaaya namah kanjalochanaaya namah vasudhaadipaaya namah varenyaaya namah vaahanaaya namah anantaaya namah chakrapaanaye namah gadaagrajaaya namah gabheeraaya namah golokaadheeshaaya namah gadaapaanaye namah sulochanaaya namah sahasraakshaaya namah chaturbaahave namah shankhachakradhariye namah bheeshanaaya namah abheetidaaya namah bhadraaya namah bheemaaya namah abheeshtaphalapradaaya namah bheemaarchitaaya namah bheemasenaaya namah bhaanuvamshakaaya namah prahlaadavaradaaya namah baalalochanaaya namah lokapoojitaaya namah uttaraamaanadaaya namah maanine namah maanavaabhishtaya namah bhaktapaalaaya namah paapahaarine namah baladaaya namah dahanadhvajaaya namah kareeshaaya namah kanakaaya namah daatre namah kaamapaalaaya namah puraatanaaya namah akrooraaya namah kroorajanakaaya namah krooradamshtraaya namah kulaadhipaaya namah kroorakarmane namah krooraroopine namah kroorahaarine namah kusheshayaaya namah mandaraaya namah maanineekaantaaya namah madhughne namah maadhavapriyaaya namah suprataptasvarnaroopine namah baanaasura Anugrahaya namah dharaadharaaya namah daanavaaraye namah danujendraaripoojitaaya namah bhaagyapradaaya namah mahaasatvaaya namah vishvaatmane namah vigatajvaraaya namah suraachaaryachitaaya namah narayanapriyaya namah narayanakamalavasaya namah

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