Sri Prahlada Purana

Similar to Sri Shiva Purana, Sri Vinayaka Purana and Sri Muruga Purana, there is also a famous Purana, which is known as Sri Prahalada Purana, and it is believed that this famous text was written by one of the disciples of Sri Madhwacharya, who was a great Dwaita Saint, and these details are mentioned in an ancient Hindu Spiritual Book. But since it was written in palm leaf manuscripts, and since it was not preserved properly, only a few incidents from the Prahalada Purana is available with some Madhwa Brahmin scholars who hail from a village in Karnataka.

It is the duty of the Hindus, to protect and preserve the ancient details about the divine avatars like Prahalada, Dhruva, Narada and Markandeya, in order to spread their importance across the globe, since they have rendered lot of spiritual services, and they are also worshipped as minor deities in Hinduism.

Prahalada though he was considered to be a Bhagavatha, has become Bhagavan himself, due to his staunch devotion on Lord Vishnu. In his previous birth, Prahalada served as one of the Devas in the Brahma Loka under the great four headed worshipful god Brahma, and his name was Sangukarna.

Since Prahalada served as a Deva in his previous birth under Lord Brahma, and since he kept staunch faith on Lord Vishnu, he has been considered as one of the demi gods, during the time of Krita Yuga itself. Lord Narasimha while granting boons to Prahalada, had said, that “Whatever things controlled by me, would be controlled by you also, and all of them in the Universe would give respect to you, and your name and fame would never diminish even after the completion of several Yugas, and whoever worships me, would also worship you, by considering you as my Divine Attendant. And in the some of my (Narasimha) temples in the earth, people would be worshipping your idol as Urchava Moorthy, by considering you as me (Lord Narasimha). Henceforth, though you have been born in the clan of demons, you would also be regarded as one of the Devas, like Lord Indra, and I am conferring you the title as “SRI PRAHALADA BHAGAVAN”, since you have shown lot of bhakti on me”.

The above details are found in the Prahalada Purana, and whoever read this article which mentions the significance of Sri Prahalada, would attain all sorts of prosperity in the earth, and after their death, they would also attain a suitable divine world, and they would live there for a long period with full of happiness in their mind.

Prahalada has done lot of good activities for several millions of years, but, that things are not mentioned in a detailed manner in our ancient Hindu holy texts. He has daily provided food to thousands of people at his kingdom, founded lot of food and resting shelters throughout his kingdom for the sake of the tired travellers who visits his kingdom. Before 5000 years ago, he also built a famous temple for Lord Narasimha, known as Sri Prahaladapuri Temple at Multan, Pakistan, but since, that country is ruled over by Muslims, the temple was destroyed by some miscreants, before some years ago, thereby destroying the famous spiritual monument founded by our great Sri Bhakta Prahalada.


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