Pradosh, 7 April 2013

Today, 7 April 2013 is Pradosh Vrat. As it falls on Sunday, it is also observed as Bhanu Pradosham or Ravi Pradosha Vrata.

It falls on Trayodasi in Krishna Paksha in Phalgun Month (Falgun Masam) in Hindu calendars followed in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. And it coincides with Chaitra Month in North Indian Hindi calendars.

It falls in Panguni Month in Tamil calendar, Meena Masam in Malayalam Panchangam and Chaitra Month in Bengali Panji.

Surya Graha Shanti Puja / Ravi Dosha Nivarana Homam are performed by some devotees on Bhanu Pradosh Vrat.

Pradosh Puja time is 4.30 to 6’0 clock in the evening. Pradosha Astakam is an auspicious prayer chanted during Pradosh Shiv Pujan.

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  1. Sadhvi says:

    is there a pradosh today on 7th april 2013

  2. lakshminarasimha says:

    Pradosh and Sukla Yog the same things in tithas ?

  3. Trinetra says:

    is 7th april 2013 auspicious in hindu calender