Powai Bengali Welfare Association Durga Puja 2012

The Powai Bengali Welfare Association will be celebrating its seventh year of Durga Puja and has selected the theme of “Gram Bangla “ for this year. Through Gram Bangla an ambience as well as sights and sounds of rural Bengal will be recreated. About 45 artisans have been working for over 50 days to recreate the Gram Bangla ambiance.

The highleight of the theme will be showcasing of the folk art and culture of rural Bengal, particularly the scroll paintings related to the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga and the Chandimangal Kavya that will be painted by national award winning folk artistes from distant Pingla village of West Midnapore district of Bengal.

The painters sing along the folklore as they paint. Further in a bid to promote this traditional art form of more than two thousand years, the organizers will be giving the renowned painters a platform to create and exhibit their masterpieces at the Durgotsav venue.This will give Mumbaikars a rare opportunity to see how the folk tales of Bengal come to life through the deft strokes of the painters.

The Powai Durgotsav is famous for the delicious community lunch (bhog) served on the three main days and attracts tens of thousands of visitors. Also various cultural programs have been organised to fill in the mornings and evenings with high quality entertainment. The spirit of the community will be on display during the Dhunuchi Naach competition which is an integral component of any Durgotsav celebrations that brings about every year the enthusiastic participation of a large cross section of visitors to the Puja premises.

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