Postal Aksharabhyasam Scheme in Basara Saraswati Temple

Aksharabhyasam is the major ritual observed in Basara Saraswati temple in Andhra Pradesh. Millions of devotees visit the temple every year and perform Aksharabhyasam to their tiny tots. Basara Gnana Saraswati Temple committee has started a new service – ‘Postal Aksharabhyasam Scheme, by which the temple committee offers puja to the Goddess on the names of devotees and provide prasadam by post.

All you need to do is to ask in near post office about the Basara Swaraswati temples ‘Postal Aksharabhyasam Scheme and pay 75 rupees with the name of the child and Gothra for the pooja. After performing puja on your childs name, the temple authorities will send you Magic Slate, kumkum, Haldi (Pasupu / Turmeric), Mishri (crystal sugar), and Kankanam (sacred thread). This scheme is available throughout India.

Visit the official website of Basara Gnana Saraswati Temple here and know alternative way of availing the Postal Aksharabhyasam Scheme.

Update: As per the Basara Saraswati Temple committee and the officials of the temple, the temple is no longer offering Postal Aksharabhyasam scheme.

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  1. S.ANUP says:

    Sir Please sent me Good muharat for Aksharabhyasam on June Month’10.

  2. mamatha says:

    Sir Please send me Good muharat for Aksharabhyasam on June Month’10.

  3. Prudhvi says:


    Please tell me , first which letter we have to write with baby in aksharabhyasam.I mean telugu letters or english letters or OM.And also tell me the process of aksharabhyasam.


  4. DEEPASHREE C. says:


    pLS EMAIL ME ?

  5. Jai mohan S says:

    Sir Please sent me Good muharat for Aksharabhyasam on FEB .2011

    Jai Mohan S

  6. Aashrith says:

    Is Vasant Panchami or Dusherra is best for Askharabyasam

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Both Vasant Panchami and Dussehra are best days for Aksharabhyasam. But Vasant Panchami is more preferred.

  7. ramakrishna says:

    Sir pl suggest me a good muhurtas in june & july for akshrabhyasam to my kid.

  8. nagamani says:

    Sir/ Madam, we are planning to come on 27 June 2010 to do akshrabhyasam for my daughter, please suggest me what are the requirements, Thanks in advance

  9. Ravi says:


    My daughter birth date is 2009 May 18th After noon 1:58. Could you please suggest me which date is suitable for Aksharabyasam. Please suggeste me good date in June and July.

  10. Vishnuvardhan says:

    Please suggest good day & time in July 2011 for my sons aksharabyasam
    name; Mopidevi Vishnu Vardhan

  11. Vishnuvardhan says:

    Name; Vishnu Vardhan Mopidevi
    DOB:08.01.2009 time 7.40PM
    please suggest good day & time 03.07.2011 onwards for my sons aksharabyasam.

  12. honey says:

    i heard that one day will be prefered for aksharabyasam in every year.what was that day in this year.pls answer me soon

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Vasanta Panchami is the most preferred day for Aksharabhyasam as it is the birthday of Goddess Saraswati..

  13. neelakanta says:

    iam planning to akshrabyasam to my son on oct2011. so please tell the good muhurtham on which day

  14. sireesha says:

    Sir, my son birthday was 19.08.2009, pl send me the good muhurtham for aksharabyasam.

  15. Ramya says:

    we r planning to do akshara bhyasam to my son, may i know the timings when the akshara bhyasam’s are performed in the temple.Do we need to book before we come or do we need to make prior intimation to temple.What is the case if we want to come on this coming vijaya dasami(oct 6th) 2011.

  16. shilpa reddy says:

    sir plz tel me the aksharabhyasam timings at basara on sunday 23/10/2011

  17. shilpa reddy says:

    may i know the timings when the aksharabhyasam are performed in the temple on 23/10/2011

  18. sunitha says:

    My son was born 30-oct-2009 at 8.47 am. We are planning Aksharabhyasam on Nov 30th. Is it a good day to perform.And please guide what are the necessary requirements to be considered to perform.

  19. Gayathri Kumaresh says:

    I wanted to know whether 30 dec 2011 is a good day for aksharbhyasam in sringeri for my son who is born on 25th march 2010 thursday at 12.10 pm.

  20. arti says:

    tell me the best muhurta in dec for aksharabhyasam for my daughter .her date of birth:3-11-2009 .time of birth:7.22 am at nagpur

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      There is no Muhurtham for Aksharabhyasam in December 2011. You need to wait till Magha Masam (January 2012) for good muhurta. Pushya Month is inauspicious for any kind of auspicious events..
      Good Muhurtham for Akshara Srikaram in January 2012 is – 25 January 2012, at 9.51 AM.

  21. suresh goli says:

    sir what is the best date for my daughter akshrabyasam in feb 2012. date of birth is 28-07-2010

  22. m.sahiti says:

    sir please suggest for aksharabhyasam to my daughter in the month jan-2012. name- M.Sahiti, date of birth-25.02.2009, satabisha nakshatram.

  23. mokshasri says:

    my daughter birthday is 2010 february 1,12:45pm . could you please tell me which date is best date for aksharabhysam in feb or march months

  24. chandra sekhara rao says:


    my son’s name is surya ganesh and his date of birth is november 1 st 2009.

    please sent me good muhrut for aksharabhysam in feb 2012.

    Thanking you

    chandra sekhara rao

  25. Uma Rani says:

    my daughter Ishika birthday is on 17th march 2010. Please suggest the best dates in 2012 (After February) for her asksharabyasam.

  26. SAI says:

    My son JAIVANTH NARSIMHA was born on 29-9-2009 at 8:33pm. Kindly suggest the best Muhurtham for AKSHARABHYASAM.

  27. POORNIMA says:



  28. Jayalakshmi Sahasra says:

    My daughter was born on 22-NOV-2009 at 7:05, Kindly suggest best muhurtham for AKSHRAABHYASAM.

  29. Surendra says:

    please send good muhurtham for aksharabyasam in month of August 2012

  30. swathi says:

    sir please send me good muhurtham for aksharabyasam for tommarrow for my son date of birth jan 3rd 2010 at warangal

  31. swathi says:

    sir his name hruday sir rama raju date of birth jan 3rd 2010 at 5:25 a.m in warangal

  32. malli says:

    hi sir,
    my son name is Ravi teja and his date of birth 15-11-2009 12:55pm.please send me good muhurtham for Aksharabyasam in october.

  33. Priyadarsini says:

    My daughter’s date of birth is 17th june 2012. time – 6.58 Pm, makam nakshathiram. pls send me good muhurtham for akshabhyasam in 2013( preferably in the months of april or may)

  34. Priyadarsini says:


    My daughter’s date of birth is 17th june 2010. Time – 6.58 PM. star – Makam . Pls send me good muhurtham for vidyarambham in 2013. ( preferably in the months of april or may )


    ( sorry i posted worng date of birth , hence posting again)

  35. shriya says:

    kindly give the good dates for Aksharabhyasam in NOV2012

  36. soujanya says:

    kindly give the good dates for Aksharabhyasam in nov 2012



    My daughter’s date of birth is 06th march 2010. Time – 4.30 PM. star – Anuradha. Pls send me good muhurtham for vidyarambham in Feb. 2013. & timings.

    Thank you

  38. Eswar says:


    My son birth star is Dhanishta. Please send me good muhurtham for aksharabhyasam in Feb 15 to March 30. and timings.

    Thank you

  39. sravan says:

    sir 16-01-2013 is good or not for akshra sweekaram for my son. My son name is SAHARSH.and dob is 20-10-2010. & janmanama is DHUSHANTHUDU

  40. Thirumal says:


    Please send me the good muhurtham for aksharbhayasam in Feb-2013 for my daughter

  41. Shobhan says:

    Gnana Saraswati Devi Temple Basara Andhra pradesh Aksharabhyasam timings

  42. Purajit says:

    is online facility available to book asksharabasyam for basara temple

  43. Ray says:

    is it customary to give slates at aksharabhyasam

  44. Viraat says:

    the best muhurtham for aksharabyasam in may 2013

  45. Bisaj says:

    what was process of doing aksharabyasam in basara

  46. Sudhish says:

    new cloths should be were for aksharabhyasam in basara

  47. Krish says:

    muhurthams for aksharabyasam in may 2013 at basara

  48. G. shivakala says:

    Please tell the very precious muhurtham for aksharabyasam in the month of may 2013 or in june 10th. at basara

  49. Angarika says:

    which dates in may 2013 are gud for akshara byasam

  50. suresh says:

    which date in may 2013 are good for akshra byasam

  51. Shirina says:

    how to book aksharabhyasam ticket in basara temple

  52. Neeraja says:

    what are the article we have to carry during the aksharabhyasam at basara temple

  53. Vasundhra says:

    we should take slates for aksharabhyasam at basara or they will provide

  54. Shuk says:

    aksharaabhyasam muhurtham in june 2013 at basar with price details

  55. Shivangi says:

    vrischika rasi – scorpio akshara abhyasam in as per 2013-14 panchangam

  56. Eklavya says:

    basara temple aksharabhyasam shubhamuhurtham in the month of june 2013

  57. Nishita says:

    good days in october 2013 for akshara bhyasam

  58. Bhushan says:

    basara saraswathi temple good days in sravanamasam 2013

  59. Vani says:

    is Aksharabhyasam in Gnana Saraswati temple done to other case devotees

  60. Harshini says:

    how can i get aksharabhyasam (special pooja) basara tickets

  61. Lalam says:

    how to take aksharabhyasam basara temple ap tourism

  62. Vidita says:

    procedure of akshrabyasam in srungeri in vasantha panchami 2014

  63. Sukant says:

    which is the good time for aksharabhyasam according to telugu panchangam

  64. Devvrata says:

    at what age in 2014 hyderabad basara temple aksharabhyasam timings

  65. Shravanthi says:

    born on 4th oct 2013 at 6 58pm india nagpur which letter start for girl baby name

  66. Jayanthi sri ananya says:

    sir please sent me auspious muharat for aksharabhyasam in 2014. Her Date and time… 20-07-2011, 02:47:00.


  67. manju says:

    My daughter DOB:1-2-2013.TIME:10:05AM,star:Hastha,Can u pl send me good muhurtham for my daughter Aksharabhyasam in May or June months.

  68. deepthi says:

    My daughter dob 08-oct-2014 time 12:31am can u plz send me good muhurtham for aksharabyasam in dasara time

  69. Sridhar says:

    My son name is sai rithvik reddy. He was born in usa on February 22 2014 @ 7:50 pm. We are in India now and want to do aksharabyasam in Basara in April. Please provide the suitable Muhurtham date for the month of April so that we could plan to visit Basara