Poontheri Amman Temple, Walajabad, Kancheepuram

There is a small but a powerful Amman temple, which is situated in Puthagaram Village, Walajabad, Kancheepuram District – 631561, and the deity present in this temple is known as Ma Poontheri Amman. The statue of Amman’s head is only installed in this temple, since this Amman is believed to be an aspect of Ma Renuka Parameswara Devi, the beloved mother of Lord Parasurama. During ancient times, lot of flower gardens were grown nearby this area, and, hence the Amman is called as “POONTHERI AMMAN”. Flower is known as Poo in Tamil.

On the temple roof, an image of a Divine snake deity was installed. This temple Amman is worshipped as the beloved deity and as family deity by the ancient village people, who were resided in and in the nearby areas of Puthagaram Village.

Walajabad was previously known as “SHIVAPURAM”, and in ancient period, lot of Shaivite Saints and Shiva Devotees were resided in this area, and a Shiva Temple was also supposed to be built by the ancient Pallava Kings. After the Mughal invasion, the ancient Shiva Temple is believed to have been destroyed, and the place “SHIVAPURAM”, was came to be known as Walajabad.

Recently I have visited this Poontheri Amman Temple for two times, and worshipped the holy Amman. The statue of the Amman appears to be in the form of an untidy manner. The face of the Amman also looks ungraceful, and it seems she appears in tensed mood, since no one performs proper puja or Abhishekham (Holy Bath) to this marvellous Amman.

This Poontheri Amman has once removed the sins and diseases of the Puthagaram village people, and before some years ago, proper pujas, Homams and Abhishekhams were also done to her by the local villagers, and she also wore some good ornaments. But at the present stage, nothing was found on her statue, and no one bothers about her, and some residential plots are also situated nearby this temple. My humble request to the Puthagaram Village Officer is to appoint a proper priest to take care of this wonderful Ma Poontheri Amman Temple, by performing proper pujas, Homams and Abhishekhams to her, and also by the way of decorating flower garlands and ornaments to her deity, since the great Divine mother is having lot of interest to do miracles in the lives of the Puthagaram Village people, and to all of her devotees in an unlimited manner.

Being a spiritual writer, since, I want to create awareness about the holy goddesses amongst the Amman devotees, I am now explaining about her pathetic condition, and those who are interested to glorify this Grama Devata (Village Goddess) must have to lend their helping hand immediately to save this holy Amman from starvation, and to make her to smile happily before her devotees.


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