Pleasing the Deities | Pacifying the Gods | Offerings to deities

We can please the divine deities by offering them various things. But we must do it with pure bhakti and with selflessness. Even breaking the coconuts in the temples of Lord Vinayaka is a kind of pleasing activity, since the elephant god is very much interested in coconut breaking.

Doing Archanai, Abhishekham and applying the sandal paste is also a method of pleasing the deities. The deities would be more pleased if we offer food to the poor devotees at the temples. Doing service to the mankind is equivalent to providing service to the god. Paying the education fees for the poor priest’s children also would please the holy gods/goddesses.

In order to get rid of poverty and from mental confusions, it is better to offer clothes to the divine deities during the auspicious festival days. Young unmarried girls can donate a good sari for Amman, so that they would get a suitable alliance in the near future. Even if we doesn’t express our wants and wishes to the almighty, he will know about our necessities, and in suitable time, he would give us good results in our life.

During the Krishna Jayanti festival day, we can gift clothes to the poor young children, by treating them as child Krishna, and also we can donate dhoti to Lord Krishna in the Krishna temples. Donating sari with some money to the poor girls during the Vijayadasami festival day, would removes the various problems in our life, and we would get more happiness in our life.

Helping the widows and the poor helpless women would give good prospects in our life, and Mata Shakti Devi would be more affectionate with us, since all the women are considered as the divine incarnations of Mata Shakti Devi.Finding the destitute in the streets and handing over them to the social welfare organisations or to the concerned government offices is considered as a sacred deed.

In general, we must do only good acts in our life, in order to please the divine deities.


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