Pitru Puja in Bangalore | Places for Karkidaka Vavubali in Bengaluru

What are the best places for Pitru Tharpanam Puja in Bangalore? Where can we perform Karkidaka Vavubali in Bangalore? If you are asking these questions, then read on..

Karkadika Vavubali is a puja dedicated for offering homage to the departed souls. It is performed on the Karthuvavu (Amavasya) in Karkidaka Masam of Malayalam calendar (August).

On the same day of Karkidaka Vavubali, Aadi Amavasai is also observed as per Tamil calendar. Tamil Hindus perform Pitru Tharpanam on this day.

Pitru Paksha (Mahalaya Paksha) is another 15-day major ritual dedicated to dead ancestors.

In Bangalore, Ulsoor Lake is one of the important places for Pitru Tharpana Pujas. Every year NSS and SNDP organize Pithru tharppanam on the banks of Ulsoor lake. Thousands of Malayali Hindus participate in them.

Different groups from Bangalore are making arrangements for Karkidaka Vavubali in the city like – Sri Narayana Guru‘s group, Karnataka Nayar Service Society (KNSS) and Nayar Seva Sangha of Karnataka.

KNSS Bommanahalli Karayogam is making elaborate arrangements for the devotees to offer the Karkidaka Vavu Bali.

Venue- Ulsoor Lake – Kalyani Tank
Date & Time : 28 July 2022, 3.30 AM to 10 AM.

Donation: 250/-

Please register your name and contact details with Karayogam Vice President Mr. Mohanan Pillai (9845690162) / Secretary Mr. Madhu Menon (9844556851). Mention Hindupad.com as source of information while calling.

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  1. sekarscom says:

    only for malyalis or others can join

    • Rajesh says:

      I am prohit, who does pitru tarpanam on Aadi/Thai/Mahalay amavasay. Can I participate as Iyer on such dates?