Pedakakani Shiva Temple, Guntur, AP

Pedakakani Sivalayam is one of the famous Shiva Temples in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Maha Shivaratri, Pradosha Pooja, Maasa Shivaratri, Arudra Darshanam and Brahmotsavams are the popular festivals celebrated at the temple.

The little village of Pedakakani lying midway between Vijayawada and Guntur, the most advanced Premier cities of Andhra Pradesh, enshrines an ancient Sivaalaya of great spiritual eminence.

Many illustrious Maharshis worshipped the Lord for having killed formidable demons inhabiting this region in the dim past. Lord Siva at the earnest appeals of the afflicted, relieved them once for all by destroying him and his race enmasse. The grateful people requested the Lord to dwell there itself for the profit of adoration. Assuring them round the clock vigilance He has been abiding in the linga since then. Later, royalty built a grand temple and devout bhaktas endowed it liberally.

It is now one of the famous temples in the district of Guntur luring a speady stream of devotees. On annual festivals, its glory so as higher, when thousands congregate and perform several special prayer services. The temple has vast courtyards artistic finish and polish installed on a high dais wrings veneration at the first sight itself. The Nagadevathas installed in the rear portion are worshipped ardently. Devout bhaktas redeem their vows with special offerings. Mondays attract great crowds since it is very auspicious for Saivaradhana.

It is accessible by bus or trains from – Vijayawada or Guntur easily.

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