Payasam, the queen of all dishes in Onasadya

Payasam is a popular Keralite dish is generally made of milk. But it can also be prepared by coconut milk, by sugar or by jiggery. Thus different ingredient produces different flavour. As it is a popular food thus it is also made by fruits like banana as well as jackfruit.

In the present scenario, there are also some innovation in recipes & payasams are further classified as Ada Pradhaman, semiya payasam, parripu payasam also wheat payasam.

If you take any payasam for the first time you will be surely fan of this item. Among all these Ada pradhaman which is a Malabar dish is most popular having ingredients like ada, coconut milk & jiggery. This is a common item for Onam festival & marriages.

The secret behind the taste of payasam is that it is made in an open era or vessel which is made of bell material called Urli. Whereas Ada is an ancient dish which is rice flakes, but there is also an innovation in recipes in recent days which has better taste as well as cost effective. Cardamoms are also a common ingredient of payasams.

Semiya payasam also another popular payasam generally made of milk, sugar & vermicelli. Vermicilli is fried in ghee & then is boiled in water. After this lokks like a paste then sugar & milk is added to it. Before stopping the gas oven some powdered cardamoms & some saffron. To decorate the dish flavor with cashewnuts and raisins fried in ghee is added. There are several types of recipes available which differs in taste compare to the other.

Onam 2013 date is September 16.

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