Paush Month, Pausha Month | Significance, Spiritual importance of Pushya Masam

Paush Month, Pausha Month: Significance, Spiritual importance of Pushya Masam..

Paush month or Pausha maas is the tenth month as per Hindu panchangam or calendar. Poush masam is the most significant and important month for Gods worship and rites or rituals dedicated to dead ancestors.

In this month farmers get their crops hence it is also referred to as Sowbhagya Lakshmi masam or Paushya Lakshmi. It is believed that worshipping Dhanya Lakshmi and Dhana Lakshmi (two aspects of Goddess Lakshmi).

But, Poush month is considered as inauspicious for construction of new home. Starting construction of home during the month keeps the owner in ‘Chora Bhayam (fear of theft and thieves).

Poush Purnima or Pushya Pournami is highly auspicious for Vedadhyanam (learning the Vedas). The Brahmins or other learners of the Vedas believe that the period between Shravan Purnima and Paush Poornima is very significant to learn mantras.

On Pushyami nakshatra day in Paush month, ‘Utsarjam’, a ritual for Vedadhyana is performed. But nowadays, this ritual is completely forgotten. Despite the religious and some other reasons, the irregular or improper climate or weather during the month is also considered to declare the Paush mahina as inauspicious.

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    is it good to marry in paush month

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    2017-2018 paush month start from & end on

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    paush month is good for marraige or not?

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    Is this month good to take over the possession of new house

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    Can I change my house.

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    Is it good to marry in paush month