Purasawakkam Pathala Ponniamman Temple, Chennai

There is a famous temple dedicated for Ma Pathala Ponniamman in the busy Kilpauk-Millers Road Junction. The size of the temple is medium, and apart from Amman Shrine, shrines for few other deities are also present in the temple.

Daily Annadanam is being offered to at least 50 devotees in the temple. Devotees from all over Chennai visit this temple, since lot of transportation facilities are available to reach this holy Amman Temple. Ma Pathala Ponniamman is also called as Pathala Nagathamman, and she is also believed to be a form of Ma Manasa Devi, the mother of serpents, who is famously worshipped by the North Indians.

As per ancient legend, once at the present place of the temple, lot of snakes were lived. Though they didn’t cause any troubles to the people, but, however due to their gigantic size, the people who lived at this area were very much afraid, and hence they began to pray to Ma Shakti Devi. Soon, their prayers were answered, and one day, all of the snakes were transformed in the form of snake deities, and as a form of expressing their gratitude, the devotees of Ma Shakti Devi, had constructed a temple and named it as “PATHALA NAGATHAMMAN TEMPLE”, and in course of time, the temple was came to be known as “PATHALA PONNIAMMAN TEMPLE”.

Similar to other Amman temples, Thai and Aadi month Amman Utsavam takes place. Mostly women devotees would be present at this temple during the RahuKalamon Tuesdays in order to attend “RAHU KALA DURGA PUJA”, by lighting lamps to Ma Durga Devi, and they would also chant the DurgaStotra with bhakti.

Since Amman has transformed the original serpents into deities, those who suffer from Naga Dosham are advised to visit and worship this holy Amman, in order to get rid from their Naga Dosham.

We can also hear some wonderful Amman songs which would be sung by few of the Amman devotees, especially during Aadi month.I have also visited this nice temple before few years, and had nice Darshan of Amman. Since this temple is situated in the famous Purasawakkam area, lot of hotels and lodges are available nearby this temple. Pilgrims can make use of the facility, in order to cheerfully worship our holy mother “PATHALA PONNIAMMAN”.


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