Paryaya System | What is Udupi Paryaya Festival

What is Paryaya system and Paryaya Festival of Udupi? Pontiffs at the eight mathas (Ashta Matha) of Udupi look after the administration and management of Sri Krishna Matha and the religious worship for a period of two years by rotation. Through this system of Paryaya Sri Krishna Matha is systematically managed by eight Mathas of Udupi.

Paryaya Mahotsava is the biennial festival event celebrating the transfer of the exclusive rights of worship, administration and management of Sri Krishna Matha by one Matha to another. This event takes place exactly on the fourth day after Makara Sankramana (on 18th January) in the even years of Gregorian era.

Baale (Banana leaf), Akki (rice), Kattige (fire wood), and Dhanya (grocery) Muhurthas are fixed on auspicious days through the pre-paryaya year. These events mark the procession of procuring and preserving the four important items much used everyday during the two Paryaya period.

On the day of Paryaya festival, at about 4 AM Paryaya ‘Meravanige’ (grand procession) is organised in which processional idol of Sri Krishna and the Swamijis are taken in well decorated palanquins. This spectacular procession, with several bhajan troupes and folk dance groups and with colourful tableaux at regular intervals, passes through important streets of Udupi town and reaches the car street.

After the religious formalities of handing over the charge of Sri Krishna Matha by outgoing Swamiji to new Paryaya Swamiji at about 6 AM and assemblage of people called ‘Darbaba Sabha’ is organised in which religious discourses, honoring of eminent persons for their outstanding contributions, announcement of the names of officials and other employees of new Paryaya Matha and offering tributes to Paryaya Swamiji by the devotees take place.

On this occasion, cultural programs by artists of national, international fame and colourful car festivals (Rathotsava) are held for more than a week, which are witnesses by millions of devotees and visitors from various parts of India and other countries.

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