Parrot Astrology

Parrot astrology is practiced by the astrologers in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. These astrologers tame a parrot and they would train them to pick the cards, also called as fortune telling cards, from the bunch of cards.Parrot astrologers usually would sit in the roads by sitting under blankets, and they would be mostly poor.

Their parrots are considered as clever birds, and we can also approach the parrot astrologers to know about our fortune. Whether the results which they tell would happen to us or not, by helping these poor astrologers, we are also helping the tiny bird parrots, since with their meager income only the astrologers are feeding their parrots with seeds, fruits and nuts.

Parrots are considered as the descendants of Sri Sukha Brahma Rishi, son of Sri Veda Vyasa. They are considered as holy birds, and they contain good wisdom, knowledge and beauty.

These types of astrologers have started their profession of fortune telling to their clients before few centuries. In order to relieve from their hunger and thirst, they have chosen this kind of profession, for which we must have to highly appreciate them, and must help them to improve their business.

This astrology is similar to Tarot card astrology. Whenever a person approaches the astrologer, he would ask his parrot to come out from its cage, and would provide a small piece of nut or fruit, and ask it to choose any one card from the bunch of cards. If the parrot chooses the card of Ma Lakshmi, then the astrologer would tell to his client, that he would be getting sufficient wealth in the near future.

Suppose if the parrot chooses the card of Buddha or Mahavir, then the fortune teller would tell to the client, that he would become a great spiritual personality. But whatever he tells may or may not happen in the lives of his clients. But he is doing his profession sincerely according to his level of knowledge.

Let us appreciate the service of the Parrot astrologer, and pray to the god to give a healthy and a wealthy life for them.


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