Parashurama Jayanti in Kerala, 19 December 2013



December 19, 2013 Today is Parashurama Jayanti in Kerala. It is celebrated with utmost fervor in Konkan area. Konkan region is called as Parashurama Bhoomi (the land of Parshurama) because Lord Parshurama is considered as the creator of the Konkan coast.

Parsuram Jayanti in Kerala is celebrated in Vrishchika masam which comes usually in December.

In other parts of Indian Parashuram Jayanti was observed on May 12 and May 22 in 2013.

Parsu is an axe-like weapon adopted by Lord Parasuram. Lord Parasuram was the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Parashuram was born in Satyu-Yuga and stayed alive till Mahabharata time (Dwapara Yuga).

Some scriptures say that Lord Parashuram will stay alive until the Universe faces the Mahapralaya (deluge).

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