Ulloor S. Parameswara Iyer

Parameswara Iyer (1877–1949) also called as Ulloor S. Parameswara Iyer was a famous Malayali poet. His birth name was Sambasivan. Ulloor was born in the year 1877 at Changanassery Town, in Kerala to a pious Brahmin, Iyer family. He has finished his studies in his home town, but after his father’s death, his family was shifted to Thiruvanathapuram and he was brought up by his mother. He obtained a Law degree, and worked in government departments. Iyer was married with a pious girl in his teenage, and through the marriage, he had children. He died in the year 1949.

Iyer was a famous poet, and he was also a writer, and a great humanitarian also, and provided free food to the poor people, and also educated poor children.The Government of Kerala established a library in Thiruvananthapuram in the year 1966, in order to honour the great poet Parameswara Iyer.


1. Sharanopaharam

2. Sabarimala

3. Manimanjusha

4. Tharaharam

5. Chithrashala

6. KarnaBhooshanam

7. Umaakeralam

8. Pingala

9. Sree Andal

Parameswara Iyer was a great Shiva devotee, and he had visited several holy temples of Lord Shiva. He has explained the greatness of Lord Shiva through his works, and his poems received great recognition among the people, and he was called as “KAVI RATHNA” by the people, due to his great skills in penning divine poems. He insists the people to chant the “NAMAH SHIVAYA” mantra regularly in order to get good fortunes in their lives.


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