Parama Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Here is the story of Parama Ekadashi – Parama Ekadashi Vrat Katha…. 

Once upon a time a Brahmin named Sumedha lived with his wife in the city named Kampilya. The said Brahmin couple was pious and had full faith in the almighty. However they were very poor yet they greeted guests with food and remained hungry by themselves.

Once Sumedha told his wife regarding his venture to another city in order to do some job and earn money. He told that it was not possible for him to spend life in such poverty. His wife told him that they will become wealthy by depending on fate and doing pious deeds.

Once a sage named Koundinya visited the house of Sumedha. The Brahmin served the sage well with his wife. Sage Koundilya was pleased with the services of Sumedha and his wife. He asked the Brahmin couple to ask for any wish. Both the husband and wife prayed to the sage to tell them a way to remove poverty.

After thinking for sometime sage Koundinya told Sumedha and his wife to observe the Parama Ekadashi Vrat. He told that this Ekadashi occurred on the Krishna Paksha of Adhika Masa. One can get rid of poverty and become wealthy by observing this fast.

Sage Koundinya also told that Kubera had observed the Vrat of Parama Ekadashi. As a result Lord Vishnu appointed him as the keeper of wealth for Gods. Kuber is the richest among Gods he even gave loan to Lord Venkateshwara. Sumedha and his wife also observed the Vrat of Parama Ekadashi. As a result they were blessed with wealth. After death the Brahmin couple got a place in the heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu.

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  1. Kaushik says:

    vrat or fast to get rid of loans