Rishi Panini

Rishi Panini (600 BC) was a great rishi and was well-versed in Sanskrit language, and wrote many devotional books. He was mentioned in ancient texts, and considered as a great scholar, and contains high spiritual energy. He was named as the father of Sanskrit Language, since he had contributed a lot in developing the language.

Panini introduced new meanings and grammar for Sanskrit, and explained it in a detailed manner in his texts. He lived in an ashram near the banks of the holy Mata River Ganges, and used to write his works cheerfully by deeply observing the scenery and the greenery.

During his period, he met the great sage Agastya, and got his divine blessings and he also met his disciple Sri Boghar, and discussed about spiritual matters with him. He travelled to all parts of India, and spread the holiness of the divine Sanskrit language. He was highly admired by the ancient as well as the present day Sanskrit scholars, and they respect him as their spiritual guru.

Panini was good at meditation, and performed severe penance on Lord Shiva, and got great boons from him, and through that, he has done lot of good service to the people like educating the tribal and poor people, and spreading the importance of “SHIVA BHAKTI” among the masses etc.

Let us worship the great rishi and be blessed.


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