King Pandu in Mahabharata | Father of Pandavas

According to the epic Mahabharata, Pandu was the king of Hastinapur, and the son of Vyasa, and his sons were called as the Pandavas. He was a great warrior, and expanded his kingdom during his rule.

Pandu was efficient in archery, administration and was a learned scholar. Due to that, he has become an able ruler and he ruled the Kingdom of Hastinapur in a well-versed manner. He was married to Kunti and Madri.

Once while he was hunting in a forest, Pandu shot an arrow on a deer, who was rishi Kindama, and he took the form of deer in order to unite with his wife. During the time of his death, the rishi cursed Pandu, that whenever he tries to unite with his wife, he would die immediately. Due to that Pandu could not unite with his wives, and finally, one day when he tried to unite with his wife Madri, he immediately died.

Due to that, Madri also entered into the funeral pyre of her husband Pandu. Since Pandu was cursed by the sage, Pandavas were born from the powers of the divine demigods.

Let us praise the noble king and be blessed.


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