Panchali Amman Temple, Arumbakkam, Chennai

There is a famous temple for Ma Panchali in Chennai, and it is situated nearby Arumbakkam Post Office, and this temple is located just a few kilometres away from CMBT. Ma Panchali is believed to be as aspect of Ma Shakti Devi, and hence she is worshipped as Panchali Amman.Though this is a small temple, but the deity present inside the temple is very powerful. Daily pujas are being conducted regularly, and we can sit for some time in this temple, and can do meditation peacefully.

Ma Panchali also called as Draupadi, is a famous character in the epic Mahabharata. In her previous birth she was born as the chaste woman Nalayani, and she had dutifully served her husband, who was the great Rishi Mudgal.

When Ma Panchali had completed her life period in the previous Yuga, she prayed to Lord Shiva, to make her to become a powerful deity. As per her wishes, Lord Shiva had granted sufficient powers to her, and asked her to become a deity, in order to safeguard her devotees from their troubles and turmoil.Though only a few temples are dedicated to Ma Panchali in India, but she dwells in those few temples, releases her powers for protecting her devotees.

Panchali Amman Temple at Arumbakkam beautifies the Arumbakkam area, and also the surrounding places, Nerkundram and Koyambedu. She is also worshipped similar to the powerful Mangadu and Thiruverkadu Amman, and her devotees used to offer Kuzh and Pongal as the holy Prasad during Aadi month, and on other auspicious festival days. Few lodges and hotels are also available nearby the temple, and those who arrives at Chennai for sight-seeing purpose, can march towards this sacred Temple of Ma Panchali.

Ma Panchali during her period had suffered a lot, and she was humiliated and tortured by the Kauravas. Though she had got enough powers to burn the entire Kauravas, but she remained silent, waited for the correct time, and with the help of her lovely consorts, the Pandavas, she had destroyed the entire Kauravas. Since she was born as a human lady, and suffered a lot in her life, she knows about our sufferings and would lend her helping hand, whenever we cry and call her for help.

After visiting this holy temple, many devotees were relieved from their diseases, mental disorders, and also from their black magic problems. Those who suffer from enemy related problems are advised to visit this temple, and to pray sincerely to the Holy Amman, in order to get rid from their enmity problems. Many big business people including VIP’s like Cinema Stars, Politicians have visited this temple and they had got the full grace of the holy mother.


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