Pain Suffered by Divine Avatars

Pain is a common activity which we can see in everybody’s life. At some time or other, everybody has to face some pain either in their body or in their mind or both. Pain can be occurred due to injuries or due to some defects in our body. Small children would get injured while playing with their friends, and heavy pain would be there when we met up with accidents. Pain also would be caused by our boss, in our offices, when we didn’t finish the allocated work within the stipulated time.

Ancient soldiers have bravely fought with their enemies in the battle field, in order to fetch victory for their kings. Most of the soldiers have lost their body organs, and some of them were also killed. Even in this today’s world, our military soldiers are protecting our country and the Indian people, by the way of staying at the Indian borders, and they are also bearing the chill weather, and also got separated from their families for the sake of our nation.

Our divine avatars like Rama and Krishna, though had taken the form of humans, but they have also faced pain in their lives, both physically as well as mentally. During the time of Kurukshetra war, though Lord Krishna was attacked by several weapons, since he is a divine personality, somehow he managed, and didn’t suffer much due to pain. Lord Rama was also fainted when Indrajith, the son of Ravana invoked powerful weapons on him during the Lanka war. But due to the ability of Lord Hanuman, the life of Lord Rama was restored and he had won in the war.

The great Vishnu Devotee Prahalada had also faced severe wounds and suffered from pain when he was fighting with the Devas. But he was miraculously relieved from his wounds and body pain, due to the grace of his beloved Lord Narasimha. As per Srinivasa Mahatmyam, when Lord Venkateswara tried to safeguard the divine cow, when it was attacked by the cowherd, his head was injured and blood began to ooze from his head. He reduced his sufferings by applying some herbal paste on his head. If Lord Vishnu itself suffers from pain, then what about us?

Some bad people would use derogatory words on others and would use to insult them. Pain occur in our mind would cause much discomfort to us, than that of body pain. In order to get rid from all these pains, we must have to sincerely worship the almighty, in any other form, like Rama, Krishna, Shiva and Shakti. If we keep on chanting the names of the deities, and praising them by the way of singing songs and chanting of mantras,then there is no need to worry about our pain at all.


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