Oh Wonderful Emotions and Friends Dreamz Go Green Ganesha – G3 Campaign in Mumbai for Ganesh Chaturthi 2010

Oh Wonderful Emotions with the association of Friends Dreamz has launched Go Green Ganesha – G3 campaign in Mumbai for Ganesh Chaturthi festival 2010. Go Green Ganesha – G3 campaign is a social and environmental non – profit cause initiated by Oh! Wonderful Emotions and Friends Dreamz to save our Mother Earth and marine life by adopting nature-friendly and eco-friendly Ganesha idols as an alternative for Ganesh idols made of harmful Plaster of Paris (PoP). The major concern of G3 campaign is to provide platform for green innovative ideas for better environment.

According to Dr Pradeep Tripathi, Founder of Oh Wonderful Emotions “This year we are trying to make G3 a big environmental and social cause in Mumbai hoping 2011 we will cover all big cities in India along with effective solution but it’s not possible without other social and environmental organizations’ support because we are trying to reach and send our cause throughout India to all environment loving people all over during Ganesha Chaturthi festival”.

Oh Wonderful Emotions is the best place to buy eco-friendly Ganesha idols in Mumbai. They have variety of Ganpati idols – clay Ganesha idols, supari Ganesha idols (Ganesh idols made of betel nuts), Coconut shell Ganesha idols (idols made of coconut shell), and many other Ganesha gift articles.

It is very glad that Hindupad is announced as the official online partner for Go Green Ganesha – G3 Campaign. Red FM 93.5 is the Radio partner for this eco-friendly Ganesha campaign.

You can go through the link of Oh Wonderful Emotions website for the variety of Ganesha idols available in the store.

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  1. sree says:

    the thought go green ganesh is so good &wounderful.but how many memders r following this today?today every on r polluting our seas by dropping colour ganesh.what is the the solution for this?