NCPA Mumbai Navratri Event 2013 – Maa Shakti, Gujarati Folk Music & Dance Presentation

NCPA Mumbai Navratri Event 2013 – ‘Maa Shakti’, is a Gujarati Folk Music & Dance Presentation which will be performed on September 26.

Venue of this event

Tata Theatre

Date & Time – Thursday, 26th September – 6.30 pm

An NCPA Presentation

Timed just before Navratri, the programme is thematically designed on the subject of ‘Ma’ or mother, which appears predominantly in charansahitya. Bards and ballad singers have composed poetry and songs around the theme and her many manifestations, some of which have been immortalised through the ages.

The presentation will include traditional songs and stutis in praise of the divine mother.Since traditional dances are performed during Navratri and form an integral part of Devi worship, the presentation will include garba-raasand folk dances accompanied by traditional instruments.

Singers: Ashit Desai, Hema Desai, Tina Chheda, Bihari Hemu Gadhvi & chorus.

Garba-raas: Architam Academy, Mumbai.


Rs. 375, 270, 180 & 120/- (for Members).Rs. 500, 360, 240 & 160/- (for Public).

Box Office

September 9 , 2013 (for Members).September 12 , 2013 (for Public).

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