Navratri 2010 for Gujarat communities – Special for Dandiya Garba Raas and 9 colourful nights

Durga Navratri is the most celebrated festive season in Gujarat. It involves in Durga Puja along with Dus Mahavidya pooja, Dandiya and Garba dances. Rasleela is the main event during Navratri in the state of Gujarat. Gujaratis consider Navratri as their second largest festival after Sri Krishna Janmashtami. But culturally, Navratri remains on top for the people of the state, as they celebrate the festival in rocking atmosphere of Dandiya and Garba dances.

Though, Navratri 2010 rituals and pujas start from 8th October 2010, the arrangements or preparations or rehearsals for Dandiya Garba Raas have been started a month ago.

Another important aspect of Navratri celebrations in Gujarat is the concept of colours. During the festival, a particular colour of sari or dress is worn by women on particular day. The Goddess of the day and the colour of that day will change year to year.

Here you can check 9 colours of Navratri 2010 or colours of dresses or saris to wear during Navratri 2010

Though, Navratri in Gujarat is dedicated to Goddess Ambaji, also known as Ambika or Amba, Navadurga, nine aspects of Goddess Durga, are also worshipped during Navratri along with Dasamahavidya, ten Supreme Tantrik Goddesses. The nine avatars worshipped during the festival are – Amba, Tara, Shorashi (Lalita), Bhuvaneshwari, Chinnamasta, Bhairavi, Dhumavathi, Bagalamukhi and Matangi.

Durga Navratri 2010 begins with Ghatasthapana on October 8th and ends with Vijaya Dasami or Dussehra on October 17th. Generally, Navratras in Gujarat are dedicated to Goddess Ambamata who is known as the guardian Goddess of Gujarat. Navratri festivities conclude with Durga Visarjan on Vijaya Dashami day. Nowadays, people are prolonging the day of Visarjan for some local, regional and commercial reasons.

Various Gujarati communities all around the world have been planning to conduct Dandiya Garba Raas events during Navratri 2010. Some of the communities have already started their ground work and some other are already started their celebrations.

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    Thanks for the information on Durga Navaratri. Can you please tell us about Sharad Purnima and the date of Sharat Purnima in 2009

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  3. cmpershad says:

    ” Ghatasthapana on September 19th and ends with Vijaya Dasami or Dussehra on September 18th. ”

    Please correct the Vijay Dasami day as Sept. 28th