Navratri in Gujarat, Dus Mahavidya Puja & Dandiya Raas

Durga Navratri is the most celebrated festive season in Gujarat. It involves in Durga Puja along with Dus Mahavidya pooja, Dandiya and Garba dances. Rasleela is the main event during Navratri in the state of Gujarat. Gujaratis consider Navratri as their second largest festival after Sri Krishna Janmashtami. But culturally, Navratri remains on top for […]

Dandiya 2009 in Hyderabad – Garba Raas dance events

Dandiya and Garba Raas is the most celebrated cultural event during Navratri. In Hyderabad, considerable North Indian population, especially Gujarati, Rajastani and Marathi people celebrate the fest with utmost zeal and gusto. Dhola-ri-Dhani, a Resort with difference, is hosting Garba Raas and Dandiya dance celebrations during this Navratri 2009. Here is the schedule of Dandiya and […]