Nattrunai Appar Temple, Punjai, Nagapattinam

Sri Nattrunai Appar temple is located in Punjai village, in the district of Nagapattinam, in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. The primary deity of this temple is Nattrunai Appar (Lord Shiva) and his consorts are Parvatharaja Putri, Malayan Madanthai – Two Ambicas.

The holy trees of this temple are Shenbagam and Pinnai. The holy water of this temple is Swarna Theertham. The agamam or pooja of this temple is known as Kameeyam. This temple is nearly 1000-2000 years old in this region. The historical name of this place is Tiru Nanipalli.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, “Saint Tirugnasambandar praises Lord Shiva in his following Thevaram hymn.   “Devotion to Lord Shiva is but chanting His Five Lettered Mantra-Name – Na Ma Shi Va Ya day in and day out without fail, for He made nectar of the poisonous food offered by the Jains.   This is 43rd Shiva temple in the southern bank of Cauvery praised in Thevaram hymns.” The festivals of this temple are Vinayaka Chaturthi in August-September, Thai Kruthikai in January-February, Shivarathri in February- March, Vaikasi Brahmmotsavam in May-June, Karthikai Deepam in November-December, Vijayadasami in September-October and Aadi Kruthikai in July-August.

It is to be noted that from Chithirai 7-13 in April-May, pujas and rituals to Sun-Surya are performed.  The temple’s specialty is that Lord is a swayambu murthy in this shrine. The temple is open from early morning to mid-noon and later in the late evening hours to dusk for pilgrims and devotees.

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