Naramuga Vinayagar Temple at Sri Swarnavalli Ammansamedha Mukthiswarar Temple

Naramuga Vinayagar Temple is situated next to Sri Swarnavalli Ammansamedha Mukthiswarar temple which is situated a few kilometres away from Koothanur, Ma Saraswathi Devi Temple. Mukthiswarar Temple is famous for getting relieved from Pitru Doshams ( debts of our ancestors). Whoever comes to this Mukthiswarar Temple would visit Naramuga Vinayagar Temple and Koothanur Ma Saraswathi Devi Temple.

In the temple of Naramuga Vinayagar, we can see the first god Lord Vinayaka in the form of a human. He also looks similar to Yoga Dakshinamurthy. This temple deity is considered as an ancient one. As per ancient legend, once due to anger, Lord Shiva removed the head of his son Lord Vinayagar, and then he has placed the head of an elephant. After that, Lord Shiva had felt worried for his act, and hence he gave lot of boons to Lord Vinayagar, he made him as the “FIRST GOD”, and also made him as one of his Chief Attendants. We can see the statue of Lord Vinayaka in human form very rarely, and Lord Vinayaka appears in this form only in few temples. It is believed that those who worship Lord Vinayaka in this form would get relieved from their doshams, especially from Pitrudoshams, and from their sins. Those who suffer from severe headache or from head related injuries are suggested to worship Lord Vinayaka at this temple, in order to get good relief.

This temple Vinayaka would relieve our diseases without going to operation theatres. By chanting his name, “OM SRI NARAMUGA VINAYAKA NAMAHA”, we would get peace of mind, and would attain good strength in our body and mind. It is believed that for Mata Avvaiyar, Lord Vinayaka had given darshan in the form of a human at this temple. Those who are unable to visit Trichy Rockfort temple, can visit Lord Vinayagar at this temple, in order to get goodness in their lives.


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