Nantin Baba | Nantin Maharaj

NANTIN BABA (20th century AD) was born in a village in Uttarakhand, and his Ashram is situated in Sukha, Uttarakhand 263156. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and he is considered as an amsha of Lord Shiva.

Nantin Baba became a saint from his childhood itself. In his young age, he used to perform deep penance in the caves at Nainital. Even after becoming a middle aged man, he used to perform playful activities with his devotees like a child. If someone forcefully feeds food, he would behave like a child, and ask them to sing songs on the almighty.

He has performed several miracles in the lives of his devotees, and once his devotees had seen him in the form of Lord Shiva.He used to wander in the forests and in the mountain caves, and even the wild animals like tiger and lion, were behaved with him like his pet dog, and they didn’t cause any harm to him. His belongings would remain scattered in the caves. Due to the request of his devotees, once in a while, he used to stay in their homes, and would eat the food offered by them.

During Navaratri period, he used to give darshan to his devotees from his cave home, and sometimes he would talk to them also. He cured lot of dreaded diseases of his devotees, by giving medicinal herbs to them. He used to remove the diseases from the body of the devotees like a well- qualified doctor.


1. Respect your parents and elders, and act as per their advice.

2. Live your life by seeing the beautiful things around you, and enjoy each and every second of your life.

3. Be brave and active, and don’t become lazy and dull.

4. Avoid talking unnecessarily with others.

5. Realize that god is within you, and don’t get fear for anything in your life.

6. Remove the worst enemies like lust, anger and greed.

7. Always think that you are the supreme hero, and don’t underestimate others.

8. Motivate the sufferers through your kind words.

9. Do lot of good karmic deeds in order to attain salvation after your death.


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